Corrine Loomis Dietz 

Much of my work embodies expressionistic images, encountered by my camera and my inner eye, these images merge with layers of acrylic paint!

Linked to culture, time lines, and physical environments, the instinct to survive with a wholeness of the spirit, all affect the intellectual development of my work. The visual elements that permeate my imagery are portraits of friends and family. Keyed by the interaction of color, contrasting of layers and surfaces, are the emotional realities we encounter. I emphasize landscape as symbolism of the mind or spirit.

Each image I encounter with my camera, moves through a rigorous leap of faith that what I am capturing is an honest emotion developed through my relationship with the subject. The angle of the camera to my subject has an enormous impact on the development.

I work with the photo image on B&W laser printers. This process allows me to explore a subject more than once, refining my thought process. As I transfer the photo copy to a surface primed with an acrylic emulsion, the work innately develops new compositional concerns; subject size,horizon placement, contrasts in textures and spacial relationships, to name a few.

Investigation of contemporary materials is integral to my process. I have been a member of GOLDEN Artist Colors, Working Artist Program since 1999. Impacts from intense trainings in new materials and process are explored on my surfaces. It is my privilege to share this knowledge with other artist through workshops and lectures.

Visit the GOLDEN website for a current list of Lectures and workshops I offer.

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