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posted Aug 20, 2016, 2:11 PM by Corrine Loomis Dietz   [ updated Jun 12, 2017, 6:11 PM ]
The GOLDEN Certified Working Artist Program

The GOLDEN Certified Working Artists are independent, professional artists who have undergone an extensive, GOLDEN-directed six month, three phase acrylic product education. The training consists of an in-depth study of the technical aspects of acrylic, recommended archival painting practices, and a vast exposure to teaching tools for artists ranging from beginner watercolorists, mixed media artists to accomplished professionals. The GOLDEN Certified Working Artists are contracted with GOLDEN to conduct lectures on GOLDEN Acrylic products. The GOLDEN Certified Working Artists present lectures at universities, colleges, art organizations and partner retail locations. The lectures are educational, technically informative and inspirational, covering the range of GOLDEN acrylic products and their uses. Each GOLDEN Certified Working Artist offers a wide range of Hands-on workshops where the possibilities of acrylics are explored.   
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"It Is ALL About PAINT"    -  GOLDEN Acrylics + QoR + Williamsburg

GOLDEN Invention and new technology are changing the options for art exploration from the ground up!

  We will begin the demonstration exploring the characteristics of QoR, the revolutionary new watercolor:  intense, soluble and loaded with GOLDEN’s archival pigments. This is also an opportunity to see a seductive selection of Williamsburg Oils, a hand crafted paint now under the GOLDEN roof.        

The new High Flow Acrylics are intense, lightfast pigments formulated for clog free airbrushing, pen & ink, refillable markers and flowing effortlessly from a brush.  This new innovation allows the artist to develop fine detail, sign artwork, develop lightfast illustration or wet into wet washes and stains!

OPEN Acrylics are a new line of paint which remains wet dramatically longer than traditional acrylics. Their relaxed working properties allow for easy blending, shading and glazing; time to think, time to paint, time to adjust.  OPEN is archival, environmentally friendly and cleans up with soap and water. Discover how acrylics are infinitely more versatile than any other paint system. 

>Whether you paint traditionally or invite more mixed media into your work, this Lecture Demonstration will offer the technical knowledge to support your ideas.                                                                 

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Corrine will demonstrate how to extend your paint to save your money without sacrificing saturated color and archival stability! Free Literature and samples to those registered. 
I present GOLDEN Lecture Demonstrations in Oregon and teach workshops in the Northwest.  If you would like to schedule an event for your group of artists please contact me for more details. 

Visit the GOLDEN website for a current list of events.
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