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Workshops in the STUDIO

"Shoe Painting 101"    Thursday    March 29th    12-2:30  at Jane Aukshunas studio in Portland

Upcycle a pair of your well-worn shoes, repurposing them with a new glamorous or funky personality! Canvas, leather or faux leather shoes are the candidates. By guiding you through techniques and product choices, we’ll help you create a work of wearable art. GOLDEN High Flow acrylics, Iridescent and Interference colors, as well as a myriad of other acrylic paints will be supplied.
The GOLDEN Teaching Triad supplies everything but the shoes!
Corrine Loomis Dietz, Jane Aukshunas, Cheryl Rogers Tadevich
Cost: $65.00 

March 29 at studio of Jane Aukshunas in Portland,              noon-2:30pm.
For registration email  janeauk@gmail.com or call me at 503-780-6702.
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"Investigating your Identity" 

Four Tuesdays       6:30-9:00 PM 
APRIL 3, 10,17 & 24

We live in a complex culture that influences us as artists. Some of us work in impulse, while others direct their actions methodically. A conscious understanding of our tools, process and the underlying motivations can help us cultivate our path.   In this workshop I present a series of steps to help you define your voice in paint.  We will begin by exploring the concept of “home” by building a personal word dictionary, images, thoughts and stories.  These elements will be used to consciously define and map your migration.  

Session 1: Defining Home and engaging in the Action Painting

Session 2: Exploring Value & Personal Patterns - color, shape and your voice

Session 3:  Portraying personal Archetypes & Associations

Session 4:  Constructions of Color and questioning the Alter Ego

 Fee  $195.00 + $10 Materials Fee

All tools, Acrylic Paints and surfaces will be supplied.

Please bring a sketchbook or drawing pad


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2010 Nebraska Ave NE


 Visit the GOLDEN website for workshops outside the studio -

feel free to email me for information:

All Studio workshops are limited to 6 people.  
Pre-registration is required.
Please note*  
I plan and gather the materials for those registered prior to the event.  
*Workshops are non-refundable unless you notify me 3 days in advance 
or you have been the victim of an emergency beyond your control.

Private instruction & critique is available to individual artists at a fee of $25 per hour.  My strengths are in helping artists define intent, understanding materials, pigments & the acrylic paint systems to develop their ideas and explore the boundaries for expansion of ideas. 
Workshops can be scheduled in my studio for small groups of 3-6 students. 
These workshops run between $75 - $95 per person.
If you would like to schedule 3-5 hour workshops or private instruction please contact me 

 C Studio of C Loomis Dietz
2010 Nebraska Ave NE
Salem, OR 97301 USA
Contact: Corrie 503 871-0025

Since 1999 I have been a Certified GOLDEN Working Artist, lecturing about acrylic paint systems, used in painting, drawing, printmaking and mixed media.  I teach a range of workshops throughout the Northwest with a focus on materials and techniques to aide fellow artists to develop new investigations, understanding and levels of control. These workshops explore paint, mediums, gels, grounds and most importantly color to push boundaries, opening  new pathways for your personal voice.
 Here is a list of options for workshops to choose from:
  • "Foundations of Acrylic"
  • "Mediums and Gels" secrets to rich painting
  • "Clean Color Mixing" understanding pigment characteristics
  • "Seductive Surfaces and Persuasive Pigments"
  • "Amazing Glazing - OPEN Acrylics"
  • "GOLDEN Wet & Wild Washes" 
  • "Faux EnCaustic with Acrylic"
  • "Acrylic Image Transfer and Collage"
  • "Acrylic Image Transfer and Painting on Plexi"

  • "Mono Type without a Press"
  • Exploring the Collagraph"

  • "Grounds for Drawing and Painting"
  • "Mixed Media Mania"

  • "Investigating Your Identity"

If you are a member of a group of artists in a guild, art association or collective and would prefer I travel to your workspace to teach, we can discuss the arrangements.   
visit the GOLDEN website for workshops outside the studio at


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