Workshop Descriptions

 “Essential Acrylic Techniques”


Have you ever wanted to paint and not sure where to start? Do you paint in Acrylics but think you could have better control of your materials?
This intense, 5 hour workshop is geared toward making sense of the technical aspects of acrylics and finding your groove. 
Learn tips to control the brush, palette, color mixing and drying times. We will explore a triad of Fluid Acrylics, mixing with polymer mediums to develop an understanding of Modern color mixing. Utilizing a series of exercises, we will discover the beautiful versatility of fluids as we pursue layers of washes and glazes. In the second session of the workshop we use Heavy Body acrylic to extend the color with Gels to develop textures and altar luminosity. With this thicker viscosity of paint we will explore the Mineral (inorganic pigments) to examine opacity, color mixing and impasto techniques. Expect loads of information, money saving tips and new reference for your work.This hands-on workshop is recommended for any artists needing a refresher or a full jump start into acrylic. 

All Paint Medium and Gels will be supplied by GOLDEN Artist Colors, creating a great opportunity to try it all to find your personal favorites! 
Materials List: Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journal (Series 400 / 9”x 12”) , paper towels and/or an old cotton rag.

 Warning:  Golden Acrylics can be infectious!   Encarta Dictionary:  in*fec*tious (adjective)                                                                                                   1. communicable  2. affecting feelings of others


“QoR Watercolor Workshop” - Creativity & Control

Are you a watercolor painter who desires a creative jumpstart, needs new definition or perhaps more control? In this intensive 5-hour workshop you will learn about QoR - Golden Paints new line of beautiful, and rich watercolors! Experiment with seductive granulating and staining pigments!  Explore the qualities of traditional watercolors while experiencing QoR’s incredible pigment strength, range and versatility. In this workshop the concept of watercolor painting does not end with wet washes of paint. Learn to extend and enhance the creative range and control of watercolors using the QoR Mediums.  Unleash the flow of color with Synthetic Ox Gall, adjust the highlights through lifting with Lift Aid™ and extend QoR with Watercolor Medium for more brilliant washes. This is an opportunity to investigate QoR Grounds to bring new expression to your painting.  Watercolor Ground will quickly transform nearly any surface into an absorbent bright white painting surface similar to hot-press papers, while Cold Press Ground and Light Dimensional Ground transform surfaces with textures.  Paint fresh & experiment on old work… Please bring a sheet of your favorite watercolor paper (be prepared to tear the full sheet into halves or quarters, your favorite watercolor brushes and an old painting that needs a new experimental surface!



 “OPEN Acrylics”   Glaze, Layer & Blend

Do you need an in-depth crash course on how OPEN Acrylic can be used in traditional and contemporary painting? This workshop introduces the incredible blending characteristics of this new water based acrylic paint.  Learn how to select pigments that facilitate rich glazes! The innovation of OPEN Acrylics dramatically expands painting options, staying wet on your palette for days and handling beautifully for slower, wet into wet applications. You will merge OPEN acrylics with traditional Heavy Body paint and Gels to manage drying time and develop textures!   OPEN Acrylic is an archival paint, suited for portraiture, pleine air and studio environs!  More time to think, more to paint and less wasted paint!          All Paint, Mediums, & Gels, are supplied by GOLDEN Artist Colors. 

Please bring an old hand towel and a pad of Canvatex (9”x12”)



“Mix Media Mania”     Explore the Acrylic Mix-up with paint, mediums, gels, grounds and your drawing tools!

The versatile nature of acrylic grounds, mediums and gels are the secret to merging paint and pencil.  In this workshop you will prepare contemporary surfaces for drawing, painting, pastel and mixed media.  You can apply GOLDEN Acrylic grounds to a range of surfaces… and tint them for customized applications!  We will develop a gritty ground, rich with color, and add layers of drawing and paint.  Discover the characteristics~ from tooth & tints, to transparency. Learn the tricks to intensify luminosity with Iridescent and Interference pigments!  Mediums & gels will be employed to thin or thicken the paint as we combine a wide variety of acrylic products to create incredible effects and develop new approaches to your drawing & painting.  Don’t miss this opportunity to explore unique possibilities with GOLDEN Working Artist- Corrine Loomis Dietz!   All levels welcome when combined with the investigative spirit!         Please bring: your favorite drawing tools (graphite, color pencil, etc…) and any collage papers youwish to work with and a 9x12 pad of acrylic paper or canvatex.   All paint, mediums and grounds are provided by GOLDEN Artist Colors.


“Working Wet and Wild” with  QoR & GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics                    

Explore your options in this "wet & wild" workshop with GOLDEN's Working Artist!  Fluid Acrylics can be used like traditional, transparent watercolors - but that is just the beginning!  Develop techniques on watercolor paper and prepare unique groundsto render unusual effects on canvas, board and more!   Discover the secrets to "clean" Color Mixing.   Mix it up with GOLDEN mediums and Gels for transparent glazes: beautifully thin or "thick & juicy"!  (All Fluid Acrylics, Mediums and Gels are provided by GOLDEN Artist Colors) 



“Seductive Surfaces & New Pigment Palettes”

This workshop is two part:  Painting Ground and Color Theory!  Students can expect to take acrylic paintings to a new level as they explore the relationship of paint on a selection  of Golden’s most seductive surfaces.  Examine the absorbency and lift of hues from the gritty to the most gracious of grounds.  We will wet our brushes in three very different color palettes to experience the richest of color interactions.  Corrine introduces the Mineral, Modern and Historical Hues in exercises developed to clarify the characteristics of Pigments, enabling you to get the most out of the palette you paint with.  Join in this physical act of painting as you focus on your personal style and develop new ways of seeing surface and color.All Paints, Mediums, Gels and Grounds are provided by GOLDEN Artist Colors.   Please bring a Strathmore Visual Journal for Mix Media - 9”x12” and an old cotton hand towel.


The “GOLDEN Feast”  

 -Exploring the Acrylic Mix-up:  paint, mediums, gels and grounds!

 Acrylics do not need to be flat, matte, muddy and boring.  This is an opportunity to explore your possibilities and discover GOLDENS latest Inventions!  Mediums, gels and grounds are the secret to painting with this extremely versatile media,  you have but to discover their characteristics .  Choose to thin or thicken your paint while you push color with contrasting textures and sheen.  In this workshop you will build layers over gritty grounds.  Explore new and unusual painting techniques from smooth transparencies, shimmering iridescence, coarse gels, to absorbent grounds.  In this workshop, you will combine a wide variety of acrylic products to create incredible effects and develop new approaches to your painting.   


"Clean Color Mixing for Acrylic Painter"         

     & How to achieve the Howling Hues 

Come and discover the beauty secrets of color and learn about the pigment characteristics that allow the painter to skillfully mix clean color!  Learn the difference between the traditional mineral pigments and the new array to modern pigments.  Develop color notes as you explore pigment realities such as:  transparency / opacity, intensity and value.  We will define the properties required to master glazing and how to achieve opacity.  Compare matte and gloss mediums to control translucency and surface sheen.  Examine zinc and titanium white and their unique tinting options.  Iridescent and interference acrylics will be explored to create new shimmering hues. This workshop will help you acquire the color knowledge to develop your personal palette!  Begin to save time and money... solve your color mysteries and perhaps even avoid some of those painful creative blocks.
ALL Acrylic paint, mediums and gels are provided by GOLDEN Artist Colors.



“GOLDEN’s Grand and Glorious Grounds”                   Exploring New Foundations for Painting & Drawing

Are you tired of white flat surfaces? Bored with Paper?  Would you like the option to paint and draw in unison?  Explore New Terrain, from Crackle Paste to a smooth Silver Point Drawing Ground.  In this workshop you will discover SIX  incredible acrylic surfaces varying hardness, tooth and transparency.  The surface possibilities are endless -- accepting tints, washes and layers of paint, plus marks, and scribbles to fine drawings.   This play may add another layer of depth to your artistic voice.  Don’t miss this opportunity to try a range of grounds with unique qualities are excellent for most dry media;  pencil, charcoal, chalk, oil pastel, etc.       All paints, mediums, gels and grounds supplied by GOLDEN Artist Colors.  Please bring Strathmore Visual Journal for Mix Media (9x12) and your favorite dry media - pencil, prisma, oil pastel, soft pastel.



“Photo Image Transfer” with GOLDEN Acrylics                             

This workshop is very experimental!  Acrylics are quick drying, incredibly flexible and allow for foolproof experimentation.  Discover various ways to incorporate your photos and found images to develop strong, personal artwork.  You will create a flexible, translucent photo image using GOLDENs' Soft Gel Gloss and place it into the composition, with tips and techniques to develop new environs.  Investigate acrylic Mediums and Grounds that allow for Direct Photocopy Transfer as well as controlling the texture and sheen! This is an opportunity to explore a beautiful selection of Fluid Acrylic colors to develop your subject. Each person will be assisted as they investigate the imagery and its emergence with the media!  These methods employ a Black & White photo copies from a laser printer.  Transfers are applicable to paper, canvas, wood and more!  Don't miss this chance to mix with artists of all levels in this intriguing new process.  All Paint, Gels & Mediums are provided by GOLDEN.

Materials:  Bring a  9x12 pad of acrylic paper, a sheet of Strathmore Wet Media WC Board or an 11”x14” Canvas, an old hand towel + snapshots or pictures of simple subjects you would like to work from.

“Clean and Contemporary; Acrylic Transfer and Collage”      2 day workshop

This workshop is very experimental!  Acrylics are quick drying, incredibly flexible and allow for foolproof experimentation.  Discover various ways to incorporate your photo's and found images to develop strong, personal artwork.  Create a flexible, translucent photo image using GOLDENs' Soft 
Gel Gloss.  Explore fluid acrylic paints and the incredible selection of colors.  As you learn new techniques for mixed media,  you will find  the acrylic Mediums and Grounds that accept  the Photocopy  Transfer, directly!  These methods are applicable to paper, canvas. wood and more!  Don't miss this opportunity develop your collage skills and mix with artists of all levels in this intriguing new process.  
All Paint, Gels & Mediums are provided by GOLDEN.
Bring 2 pieces of Cold Press Illustration Board (15" x 20") and B&W Photo Copies from a variety of color or B&W snapshots, artwork or found images.  Photo copy sizes should vary from 2"x3" up to 
8"x10" Select one image and create 6 like photocopies (3"x5" or 4"x6" in size)

“Symbols, Images + Plexiglass Transfer”    

In this fun and fanatic workshop you will juxtapose symbolism with your personal imagery to discover applications of direct image transfer onto plexiglass plates.  Traveling at a fast pace, we will develop ideas in composition, explore color to support the images and tweak the connections you will make with surface, subject, paint, and symbols.   Please bring black and white photocopy images created on laser printers and an adventurous spirit.     [$5 materials fee]

 “Monotypes for a Painterly Print “           (without a press) 

Monotype is a unique process in which you combine painting and printmaking techniques to create a “one of a kind” image.  Explore the painterly print using the new Golden OPEN acrylics.  This paint is ideal for mono printing because they stay wet 10 times longer than traditional acrylics, offering plenty of time to develop an image.  We'll explore additive techniques, registering the paper, to develop many layers.  This Mono Printing process does not require a press and these techniques can easily be repeated in a simple workspace.  Each Print will be hand-rubbed and pulled from the plate to reveal strokes and textures that are unlike anything you can do with a brush. This is a fun and exciting way to generate works on paper with a richness and diversity unlike any other method.  OPEN Acrylics are archival and environmentally friendly, with the ease of water cleanup.  All paints and gels provided by Golden.  

Bring to class:  3 or 4 sheets of Rives BFK, Stonehenge, Somerset Velvet or other printmaking paper, an old hand towel and several 8½ x 11 photocopies of images you would like to work with.